1:1 Coaching

Harness your power. Cultivate your confidence. Become unstoppable.

Life, leadership, & relationship coaching to help you create the life you were born to live.

I envision a world in which we’re all free to be exactly who we are. 

A world in which our authentic radiance is cherished and celebrated. 

A world in which we never have to dim our shine because we know without a shadow of a doubt that each of us is uniquely brilliant and worthy of respect.

As sex workers, femmes, queer folks, and artists, we’re so often led to believe that we are not enough. That we’re unlovable, or that our skills are not useful. Our wisdom is dismissed and our brilliance gets repeatedly shoved away into hidden corners.

We’re forced to fight to take up space–in public, at work, in our creative endeavors, and even in love. We’re encouraged to discount our intuition and swallow the myths we’re fed that starve us of our power. 

Now more than ever, we need visionary artists, lovers, dreamers, and healers to create a world in which we all belong without question. To rise up against the current systems that try to choke us off from our inherent wisdom.

Now more than ever, we need more of us following that aching in our hearts that seems to make no logical sense. The whisper that tells us there is more out there than what we’re currently experiencing.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that time has come for you.

The time to be done playing small and putting your desires on the backburner. The time to go after that dream career, your dream love life, or bring that dream project into existence. The time to prioritize this one precious life you’ve been given and start living truly and boldly.

The time has come for you to become a force to be reckoned with.

I'm Leilah. Author, stripper, anti-misogyny educator, and coach.

I'm here to give you the practical tools to help you make your dreams a reality.

I don’t bypass the way oppressive systems limit our understanding of ourselves, each other, and the worlds that contain us. I get to the root of how our personal and collective experiences inform what we believe is possible for ourselves. 

I’m here to validate your struggles and help excavate your power wherever you feel you’ve lost it. 

I’m here to help contextualize your stuckness, connect the dots you’re not seeing, and encourage you to claim the vibrant life you know deep in your heart you’re here to have. 

I’m here to be the support system you need so you can…

  • leave that unfulfilling relationship or break that painful pattern
  • start that dream project
  • quit that life-sucking job 
  • create more time for what genuinely brings you joy without feeling guilty about it
  • re-enter the dating scene with unshakeable confidence
  • take real steps to manifest your career goals
  • call in that healthy loving partnership you want deep in your heart
  • become the fully expressed version of yourself you came here to be

Together, we’ll tear down the walls and clear the fog that’s kept your desires out of reach. 

We’ll take the mystery out of why relationships, career goals, creative projects, and time management skills feel so impossible to attain.

Client Testimonials

"Leilah's coaching came exactly at a time when I needed it. I was teetering over a lot of different aspects of my life, and needed an extra push to choose a direction. She managed to take my weird thought bubbles about what I wanted to do with my life and turn them into goals with tangible, achievable steps forward. I now have a solid plan for this year and beyond. She was extremely patient when I was experiencing resistance, and her creative thinking combined with her anti-capitalistic approach broke open the gates of my limiting beliefs. Now I have the confidence to show up for myself. Leilah truly makes me believe that my success is her success. I'm excited to take the lessons and guidance from our sessions into my business & personal life!"

Porcelain Dalya
Performer, Writer, & Filmmaker

"Since our first session, I’ve hired an executive assistant, an account manager, a designer, and added a peer group of business owners to my life. I also made more time at night to vibe out for myself. Just killed a blunt and enjoying some music at the moment. In other words, I’m doing a lot better. I am feeling more creative and supported. Your coaching was definitely part of the process. Your insight and warmth are terrific."

CEO of a successful NYC marketing firm

"Working with Leilah, I feel so empowered and focused, which is not easy for an ADHD babe like me. I got so much done for my podcast launch and know exactly what to do next. Leilah is the art hoe's art hoe."

Tifani Truelove
Creative Doula, Bodyworker, & Photographer

Work With Me


Working with me is:

  • Centered around compassion, acceptance, and patient witnessing
  • Intersectional, inclusive, and identity-affirming
  • Anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist, and anti-white supremacist
  • Based in a trauma-informed approach 

Working with me is not:

  • A space where I’m going to fix your life or solve your problems for you
  • A replacement for therapy
  • Free of accountability or responsibility (both are required)

What’s the catch? This kind of transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the gradual work of showing up and making choices that aren’t always familiar and aren’t always comfortable. 

What precedes the sparkly results is the not-so-glamorous process of deep reflection and integration. The angst that arises when your inner world rearranges before your outer world does. The grief that seeps in when everything you’ve outgrown begins to fall away. 

I will hold you to it and through it. And remind you that the life you long to live isn’t as far away as you think.

It’s already here, just waiting for you to choose it–little by little, step by step, moment to moment–with the entirety of your being, one day at a time

Are you willing to choose to release limiting beliefs, and dissolve creative blockages that seem to keep you from the life you want?

Are you willing to cultivate your confidence to make bold decisions from your true inner voice?

Are you willing to banish crippling self-doubt so you can claim your power and become unstoppable?


To get started, book a free 30-minute Consultation Call.

We’ll chat about where you are and where you’d like to go, how I can support you, and feel out if we’re a good fit to work together.



Deluxe Coaching Packages include:

  • 90 days of personalized coaching
  • 10 live 1:1 coaching calls 
  • Direct support from me 5 days/week via walkie talkie app Voxer
  • Free access to any workshops I lead during our time together

$4500 (BIPOC & sex workers can opt for 20% off). Payment plans available.


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